Financial Policy

Thank you for choosing us as your care provider. We are committed to providing you with quality and affordable healthcare. This billing process notification is developed to assist you with understanding your rights and responsibility when receiving services with 20Twenty Eyecare.


20Twenty Eyecare participates in most insurance plans, including Medicare. Our practice will bill insurance on our patient’s behalf, to carriers our practice are providers for. The office will do its best to provide as much information as possible, but it is the patients responsibility to know their benefits. It is the patient’s responsibility to obtain any referrals or prior authorization as necessary, and the patient will be responsible for any balances owed due to a lack of referral or prior authorization If you are not insured by a plan, payment in full is expected at each visit. If you are covered by a participating plan, but you are either missing an updated insurance card or you cannot provide policy and group number, you will be responsible. You will be required to pay for your visit in full until our office is able to confirm your coverage. Knowing your insurance benefits is your responsibility. Please contact your insurance company with any questions you may have regarding your coverage.

Proof of Insurance

All patients must confirm and/or complete a patient information form before being seen. We must obtain a copy of your driver’s license and current valid insurance card to provide proof of insurance. If you fail to provide us with the correct insurance information in a timely manner, you may be responsible for the balance of a claim.

Non-Covered Services

Please be aware that some – and perhaps all – of the services you receive may be non-covered or not considered reasonable or necessary by your insurers. You are responsible for payment for these services.

Change in Insurance Plans

You are expected to notify our office if your insurance coverage changes. We will ask you to update your record at each visit to our office. It is also your responsibility to notify the office immediately of these changes. Balances left over 90 days will become the responsibility of the patient. Insurance carriers give us a 90-day period to submit claims to them for payment. After that time, it will be denied as past timely filing. If we are unable to process your claim due to incorrect information given, we will bill you directly for our services.

Claims Submission

We will submit your claims and assist you in any way reasonable to help get your claim paid. Your insurance company may need you to supply certain information directly. It is your responsibility to comply with their request. If payment is denied due to a lack of response from you, the balance will immediately become due and payable by you. Your insurance benefit is a contract between you and your insurance company. We are not party to the contract.

Payment is Required at the Time of Service

Patients who are not covered by health vision insurance, on a plan that we do not participate with, or if we are not able to verify your coverage must pay at the time of service. Patients who have plans that we do participate with are asked Updated 03/24/23 MLS to pay their co-payment, co-insurance, deductibles, or non-covered services at the time of their visit.


We want to provide uninsured patients with quality and affordable healthcare. Most of our billed charges will be discounted for self-pay patients. In order for us to offer these rates, payments must be made in full at the time of service before leaving the office. No further discounts will be given. This discount does not apply if insurance is or has been billed. The self-pay discount does not apply to co-pays, deductibles, or non-covered services.


Should your account become 90 days delinquent, you will receive a letter stating that you have 10 days to pay your account in full. If unable to pay in full, contact our business office at 406-522-8888 to discuss a minimum monthly payment. Patient payments will not be accepted unless otherwise negotiated with a member of our business office. Please be aware that if a balance remains unpaid, we will refer your account to a collection agency. The patient or guarantor will be responsible for all costs of collection including attorney fees, collection fees and contingent fees to collection agencies of not less than 35 percent. The contingency fees will be added and collected by the collection agency immediately upon our referral of your account to the collection agency of our choice.

Third Party Billing

We will submit to 3rd party billing as a courtesy if the patient has all necessary information. Glasses orders will need to be pre-authorized prior to order being placed or the patient may choose to put half down. If payment is not received by the third-party insurance within 90 days, it will be the patient’s responsibility to seek reimbursement and will fall under the self-pay guidelines.

Flex/Cafeteria Plans

Payment is due at the time of service. We will provide a “paid” receipt to self-submit for reimbursement.


For all services rendered to minor patients, the parent or guardian who brings the patient to the appointment is responsible for payment.


We prefer full payment for any product or materials ordered and will require at least 50% down upon ordering with the remaining balance due at dispensing time. 20Twenty Eyecare is dedicated to making each pair of glasses fully customized to your visual needs. We want you to love your glasses, however since each pair of lenses is customized, there will be a 25% restocking fee for the return of any products/materials prior to 30 days. Products/Materials purchased after 30 days are non-returnable and non-refundable. Opened contact lens boxes are not returnable. Our practice provides a 365-day warranty on glasses.

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