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There are numerous eyewear options on the market today, and 20Twenty eyecare provides a rich collection of eyecare products for you to choose from. We select frames from companies who specialize in eyewear and are innovators in eyewear technology, colors and materials. Our selection process was simple: choose contemporary, timeless eye pieces from the best designers. Now, we house a unique, expansive collection of eyewear and sunwear. Stop by and see for yourself!

Lenses & Coatings

Using high-definition digital technology, our lenses simulate the human eye in every angle, prescription, and field of vision. Our premium anti-glare coatings result in better vision with less eye fatigue while diminishing glare and reducing reflections.

Contacts & Solutions

The wrong type of contact solution, along with it’s preservatives, can cause dryness, protein build-up, and red eyes. Our doctors prescribe solutions based on your individual needs and contact lens brand to keep you in the best comfort throughout the day.

Yearly Exams

We encourage patients to have a comprehensive eye exam once a year, even if you have “20/20” vision. Each year, our doctors check both the external and internal structures of your eyes to allow you to maintain healthy vision throughout your lifetime.

20Twenty 2-Yr Warranty

We stand by our products. If your frame becomes damaged through normal daily activity, we will happily replace them once at no charge. All 20Twenty Eyecare lenses have premium anti-glare coating, which includes a two-year lens replacement warranty.

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